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Janet Cheung

“I am not writing. I am drawing.”

“I am not writing. I am drawing.” is a sophistry made by a Chinese who can’t draw. Since Chinese is a language derived from pictures, “I” who write in pictures is also “I” who draw.

You have to read it to find out you aren’t supposed to read.



Janet Cheung is tongue-tied. She learned Teochew from home, Cantonese from school, and Mandarin from a TV show, but she mastered none. Her hands are also tied. To her surprise, the completion of her project, I am not writing. I am drawing., which consisted of writing only a single sentence and should have taken a few seconds, ended up lasting a month. She is a Chinese who speaks and writes poorly in Chinese. She even majored in English in college. Janet Cheung currently lives and writes in Chicago. She is one of the founders of Lithium, a contemporary art gallery preferring “time-based” media.