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We accept rolling submissions. To be considered for our 3rd issue, please submit by February 15th 2018.

We are open to all formats that can be hosted online (text, video, image, sound…) and to all art forms that can be presented in these formats.

We are interested in a wide spectrum of works that grapple with translation, code-switching, multilingual and transnational identities, first/mother/native/second/acquired languages, language learning, mistranslation, language barriers, successful or failed communication, etc, literally or conceptually.

Please send your submission as a link or attachment (.doc or .docx for text files) to, along with a short bio that addresses or alludes to your relationship with language(s) or the questions listed above.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our contributors at this time. All we can promise is to treat your work with love and care ♥